Derby Dolls X
Client Los Angeles Derby Dolls
Role Graphic Design, Brand Development

Founded in 2003, the Derby Dolls were born into a world of DIY, punk rock, and tongue in cheek feminism. Over the past 16 years they have grown into Southern California’s premiere banked track organization and a staple in the city of Los Angeles.

As the league has grown over the years, they have constantly reevaluated where their values line up with the growing changes in our roller derby and local communities. After years of discussion we have decided it is time to update the name of our All Star team, in order to meet the needs of and grow within the community. As the league grows and changes, they wanted a name that represents the current generation of skaters at the highest level.

I was a part of the committee that ideated several options for new names and the sole designer that developed the name ideas into fully realized team branding.


This concept ties back to the legacy and history of the Derby Dolls’ punk rock, DIY roots.

These skaters cannot be defined, they reject any notion of who you think they are. Each skater on this team possesses an X factor that together creates an unstoppable force of innovation which carries the legacy of the Derby Dolls ever higher.

Always pressing the envelope, setting the bar and smashing expectations, unable to be ignored or imitated stands Derby Dolls X. Achieving the highest level of competition is only possible when you have the X factor. It pushes your limits, tests your strength, forces greatness and never stops innovating. These skaters are ready to join the legacy of greatness that is Derby Dolls’ highest level of competition